Traditional Media Still Matters in Today’s Landscape


With the prevalence of the Internet and digital marketing, you may think that traditional media like newspapers, television, and radio aren’t important. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While many companies bypass traditional media and concentrate on generating content via the Internet, traditional media still matters in today’s landscape. Here’s why:

Popular News Organizations Set the Standard

Many traditional media outlets have had to downsize their newsrooms, and there are many local newspapers and magazines that have had to close over the past few years. But, the top news organizations still have more resources and reach than social media and other online outlets.

Consumption is Increasing

Media consumption as a whole is on the rise, but traditional media is leading the race. Over the past few years, consumption grew at about 5 percent a year, with the public spending about 60 percent of that watching television and listening to the radio.

Traditional Media Has a Targeted, Widespread Reach

When you create content and post it on your social media account or blog, it doesn’t always reach a target audience or a number of people that it would reach if you used traditional media. Newspapers and television and radio stations have spent years amassing readers, viewers, and listeners. Even small publications attract their own audiences.

Traditional Media Has Always Been a Trusted Source

Think about it, a story published in the New York Times has much more credibility than one posted on your blog or PR site. Yes, many people do use social media and the Internet for their news, but those looking for deeper stories often click on the links to traditional media websites.

Trained Journalists Write Better Stories

Today’s technologies allow almost anyone to develop an Internet presence, create a blog, host a podcast or start an online magazine. But that doesn’t mean that the content is high quality, interesting or credible. In fact, a report from the Pew Center for Research a few years ago showed that most Americans think that professional journalists are more important today than they used to be because they help to decipher and make sense of the plethora of information that’s available. The same report showed that almost 80 percent of people surveyed believe that a journalist requires special skills including the ability to draw on diverse sources, be objective, and find concrete examples or evidence to back up claims.

Social Media Consumers Often Go Elsewhere for Their News

While many people read headlines on social media websites, most go to more credible sources like CNN or The New York Times either online or on the television or radio to actually get the facts.

Traditional Media Outlets are Embracing Mobile News

Publications such as The Wall Street Journal and USA Today have embraced the increased use of tablets and smartphones and now offer news through mobile sites. This has led to a significant increase in the amount of news consumed.

Josh Nass is a public relations executive and sought after crisis communications specialist. He regularly appears on Fox News, MSNBC and other leading media outlets to offer his expert commentary.

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